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Replacement Membranes Chart

Replacement Membranes Chart

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Manufacturer Model No. Our Model No.
American Plumber
WRO-3167 M-T1812A24
WRO-31687 M-T1812A24
Ametek/ US Filter
RO-2127 M-C1812A15
RO-3167 M-T1812A24
RO-45 M-T1812A36
RO-90 M-T1812A75
Aqua-Cleer/ Culligan
LC-50 50 Gallon Per Day TFC M-T1812AC50
H-30 36 Gallon Per Day TFC M-T1812AC50
H-53, H5 Series 16 CTA M-C1812C10
H-53, H5 Series 18 TFC M-T1512C18
H8, H-83, H-82, AC-30,
AC-15 Series 18 GPD TFC
H8, H-83, H-82, AC-30,
AC-15 Series 36 GPD TFC
H8, H-83, H-82, AC-30,
AC-15 Series 50 GPD TFC
Aqua Flo
E24TFC-2 M-T1812A24
E24TFC-3 M-T1812A24
E35TFC-3 M-T1812A36
E50TFC-2 M-T1812A50
E50TFC-3 M-T1812A50
E75TFC-3 M-T1812A75
TF-1812-24 M-T1812A24
TF-1812-35 M-T1812A36
TF-1812-50 M-T1812A50
TF-1812-75 M-T1812A75
TF-1812-100 M-T1812A100
TF-1812-150 M-T1812A150
HR3-2514 M-T2514A
HR3-2521 M-T2521A
HR3-2540 M-T2540A
HR3-4014 M-T4014A
HR3-4021 M-T4021A
HR3-4040 M-T4040A
HF1-2514 M-T2514ALE
HF1-2521 M-T2521ALE
HF1-2540 M-T2540ALE
HF1-4014 M-T4014ALE
HF1-4021 M-T4021ALE
HF1-4040 M-T4040ALE
HF4-2514 M-T2514AXLE
HF4-2521 M-T2521AXLE
HF4-2540 M-T2540AXLE
HF4-4014 M-T4014AXLE
HF4-4021 M-T4021AXLE
HF4-4040 M-T4040AXLE
HF5-4014 M-T4014AXLE
HF5-4021 M-T4021AXLE
HF5-4040 M-T4040AXLE
NF3-2514 M-N2514A5
NF3-2521 M-N2521A5
NF3-2540 M-N2540A5
NF3-4014 M-N4014A5
NF3-4040 M-N4040A5
NF4-2514 M-N2514A9
NF4-2521 M-N2521A9
NF4-2540 M-N2540A9
NF4-4014 M-N4014A9
NF4-4021 M-N4021A9
NF4-4040 M-N4040A9
APRO 5000 M-T1812A24
RO-TS3C-10 M-C1812A10
RO-TS3T-24 M-T1812A24
RO-TS4T-24 M-T1812A24
ERO B524 M-T1812A24
Farris Enterprises
Genesis ROS3 M-C1812A10
Genesis ROS4 M-T1512A18
Genesis ROS4-3 M-T1512A18
Genesis ROS5 M-T1812A24
Economy M-T1812A50
Ultra Slim M-T1812A36
RO-5 M-T1512A18
RO-9100 M-T1512A18
AV180 M-T1512A18
Filter Direct
RO-316 M-C1812C10
RO-435 M-T1812A36
RO-535 M-T1812A36
General Electric
GXRV10ABL01 M-T1512A18
PNRV12ZBL01 M-T1512A18
GE Osmonics
S152-36S (50 gpd) M-T1812A50
S152-36S (100 gpd) M-T1812A100
RO-5 M-T1512A18
RO-9100 M-T1512A18
Bare Bones 10 M-C1812A10
Bare Bones 20 M-C1812A20
Bare Bones 10 TFC M-T1512A12
Bare Bones 24 TFC M-T1812A24
Bare Bones 35 Hi-S M-T1812A36
Bare Bones 60 Hi-S M-T1812A75
Deluxe RO 35 Hi-S M-T1812A36
Deluxe RO 60 Hi-S M-T1812A75
Deluxe Maxxima 60 Hi-S M-T1812A75
Maxxima 24 M-T1812A24
Maxxima 50 M-T1812A50
Maxxima 35 Hi-S M-T1812A36
Maxxima 60 Hi-S M-T1812A75
Maxxima 24 R M-T1812A24
Maxxima 50 R M-T1812A24
RO 10 CTA M-C1812A10
RO 20 CTA M-C1812A20
RO 24 TFC M-T1812A24
RO 50 TFC M-T1812A50
RO 35 Hi-S M-T1812A36
RO 60 Hi-S M-T1812A75
RO 100 TFC M-T1812A100
RO 120 Hi-S M-T1812A100
RO 200 Hi-F M-T1812A100
Maxxima 24 M-T1812A24
Maxxima 50 M-T1812A50
Maxxima 60 Hi-S M-T1812A75
Maxxima 50 R M-T1812A24
KISS International
Diplomat, Aristocrat 3000,
Aristocrat 5000, Dutchess
M-C1812A15, M-T1512A18,
M-T1812A36, M-T1812A50

*Please check the flow rate on your membrane, and if it is TFC or CTA.
4000 TCR M-T1812A36
CS Series N/A yet
Proline Plus 5-stage M-T1812A50
Proline Plus BP5-stage M-T1812A75
PuRo Line
PuRo Line 3000 CTA-16 M-C1812A15
PuRo Line 4000 TFC-36 M-T1812A36
PuRo Line 5000 TFC-50 M-T1812A50
PuRo Twist
PuRo Twist 3000 CTA 18 M-C1812A20
PuRo Twist 3000 TFC 15 M-T1512A18
PuRo Twist 3000 TFC 36 M-T1812A36
PuRo Twist 3000 TFC 50 M-T1812A50
PuRo Twist 4000 TFC 15 M-T1512A18
PuRo Twist 4000 TFC 36 M-T1812A36
PuRo Twist 4000 TFC 50 M-T1812A50
9564, 9590, 9593 M-C1810R10
9565, 9591, 9594, 9548 M-T1810R12
9596, 9568 M-T1810R24
9744 M-C1812A10
9772 M-T1810R10
TFC-RS12-10 M-T1512A12
TFC-RS12-16 M-T1512A18
TFC-RS9-12 M-T1810R12
TFC-RS9-22 M-T1810R24
TFC-RS9-50, UF50T M-T1810R50
CTA-RS12-10 M-C1812A10
CTA-RS9-10 M-C1810R10
RTF-265 M-T1812A24
RCT-103 M-C1812A15
RO Kit (36-gpd) M-T1812A36




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