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Nanofiltration (NF) Membranes

Nanofiltration (NF) Membranes

Nanofiltration Membrane Elements

Nanofiltration NF Membrane Elements
Our Nanofiltration membranes are available in a variety of materials. Please choose a category to the left to view NF membranes and specifications.

NOTE: NF3 Elements have been discontinued. Please see NF5 elements for replacement.

What is Nanofiltration?

Nanofiltration (NF), in concept and operation, is much the same as reverse osmosis. The key difference is the degree of removal of monovalent ions such as chlorides. Reverse osmosis removes the monovalent ions at 98-99% level at 200 psi. Nanofiltration membranes’ removal of monovalent ions varies between 50% to 90% depending on the material and manufacture of the membrane. For this reason, there is a variety of Nanofiltration membranes available. Each type is particularly suited to a certain application and may not be acceptable to a different application.

Nanofiltration membranes (NF membranes) and systems are used for water softening, food and pharmaceutical applications.

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