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Polyvinylidine (PVDF) Microfiltration Membrane Elements

Polyvinylidine (PVDF) Microfiltration Membrane Elements

AMI Microfiltration Membrane Elements
AMI Polyvinylidine Fluoride Microfiltration Membrane Elements

AMI® polyvinylidine fluoride spiral wound microfiltration elements provide microfiltration with a nominal pore size of 0.2 micron, offer high flux at low operating pressures, and are ideal for oil and waste water applications.

Benefits and Features of PVDF MF Membranes

  • Filtration to 0.2 Micron
  • Low Pressure Requirements For Reduced Operating Costs and Power Consumption
  • High Flux for High Flow Rates
  • Robust Materials and Construction for Long Life
  • Made in the USA in Applied Membranes ISO 9001:2008 Certified Facilities
  • 100% Performance and Quality Tested
  • High Quality for Consistent and Reliable Performance
  • Standard Dimensions to Fit in Commonly Available Housings
AMI Membrane Elements are Manufactured in the USA AMI Membrane Elements are 100% Quality and Performance Tested

Applications for PVDF MF Membranes

  • Wastewater pretreatment
  • Oil/Water Separations
  • Beverage polishing for effective clarification and bacteriostatic assurance
  • Surface water bacteria and oil remediation for safe human contact
  • Best choice for very low pressure, high flux applications

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