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Koch ROGA - HR CTA Membranes

Koch ROGA - HR CTA Membranes

Koch/Fluid Systems Cellulose Acetate (CTA) Reverse Osmosis ROGA Membranes

KOCH ROGA Series Have been discontinued. Please see Recommended Replacement Membrane Elements

Obsolete KOCH Membrane Model Recommended Replacement Specifications for Obsolete Models - For Reference Only
Size Permeate Flow Chloride Rejection
(Dia." x L") GPD m³/d
ROGA-4040-HR M-CB4040AD 4x40 1,700 6.4 98%
ROGA-8040-HR-325 no available replacement 8x40 7,100 26.9 98%

Test Conditions: 2,000 mg/l NaCl solution at 420 psi (2,900 kPa) applied pressure, 15% recovery, 77°F (25°C) and pH 5.7 Fiberglass Wrapped..

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