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Scale - Series Q Omnipure

Scale - Series Q Omnipure

Omnipure Filters

Scale Inhibitors - GAC & Polyphosphate - Omnipure Q Series

For use with Omnipure Q Series Filter Heads.

Scale Protection with Taste, Odor & Chlorine Reduction
Used in situations where “hard water” is a problem, Polyphosphate is a food grade product that inhibits scaling and controls the corrosion or rusting of pipes and equipment. Scaling and corrosion are the result of lime and iron (in soluble form) reacting with metal in pipes or equipment, forming a solid (scale or rust). Polyphospate solves this problem by holding these contaminants in suspension, which keeps them from reacting with the metals in pipes or equipment. Used in conjunction with GAC, polyphosphate is ideal for the protection of equipment such as ice makers, beverage equipment, and pumps. It is excellent for potable water because it is tasteless and odorless.